Tailoring the Bending Behaviour of Material Patterns […] – Book Chapter


La Magna R., Knippers J.
Tailoring the Bending Behaviour of Material
Patterns for the Induction of Double Curvature.
Design Modelling Symposium – Humanizing
Digital Reality, 2017, pages 441-452, Springer,
ISBN: 978-981-10-6610-8,

Cellular structures derive their macro mechanical properties from the specific arrangement of material and voids, therefore geometry is the main responsible for the peculiar mechanical behaviour of these classes of metamaterials. By varying the geometry and topology of the pattern, the mechanical response changes accordingly, allowing to achieve a wide range of properties which can be specifically tailored and adapted to the needs of the designer. In this paper, the bending behaviour of certain classes of cellular structures will be discussed, with the specific aim of achieving non-standard deformations. The main objective of the research focuses on the ability of inducing double-curvature in flat produced patterns as a by-product of elastic bending.