Systems for transformative textile structures in CNC knitted fabrics – Isoropia – Conference Proceeding


Ramsgaard Thomsen M.,
Sinke Baranovskaya Y., Monteiro F.,
Lienhard J., La Magna R., Tamke M.
Systems for transformative textile structures
in CNC knitted fabrics – Isoropia.
TensiNet 2019: Softening the Habitats,
Politecnico di Milano, Milano, 2019
DOI: 10.30448/ts2019.3245.08

Extending recent work on Form Active Hybrid Structures of Active Bend and CNC knitted tensile members we present a set of innovations in design and manufacturing, which together allow to build structural systems, that morph across multiple structural states. While state of the art tools and fabrications methods in textile hybrid structures provide architects and engineers with means to adopt the geometry of a chosen textile system to the requirements of a given site, constraints in design thinking, tools and manufacturing however still limit the ability to change the spatial and structural qualities and expressions within a textile object. The potentials of our developments to create new spatial expressions and atmospheres in textiles structures are demonstrated and evaluated through the large-scale installation Isoropia designed and built for the Danish Pavilion in the 2018 Venice Architectural Biennale.

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