Neue Ergebnisse zu epoxidharzbasiertem Polymerfeinbeton – Journal Article


Arendt S., La Magna R., Schmeck M.,
Schmid V., Gengnagel C.
Neue Ergebnisse zu epoxidharzbasiertem
Polymerfeinbeton mit und ohne
Bautechnik, 96 (2019), Heft 6,
DOI: 10.1002/bate.201800074

Similar to cement-bound concrete, polymer concrete is a heterogeneous mixture of aggregate and matrix. A substitution of the cement by epoxy has major effects to the mechanical and chemical properties as well as the manufacturing process. Based on its high load capacity under compression and tensile, good chemical resistance, good bond with many materials and short curing time, polymer concrete is used mainly for cement concrete repair and in highly aggressive environment. Technical approvals for polymer concrete are usually limited to compression stresses or limited structural specifications. The ongoing research aim to a cold-cast detachable connection in rod constructions made of slender timber or GFRP sections. This paper presents properties of unreinforced and reinforced polymer fine concrete based on epoxy. Based on several tests, the properties of different polymer fine concrete and the qualitative influence of the main components aggregate, matrix and air pores are shown. The mechanical properties under bending are presented in the second part. Furthermore, a material model for determining the modulus of elasticity of polymer concrete based on the composition of the polymer concrete is presented.