Danish Pavilion – Venice Biennale


CITA – Centre for IT and Architecture –
Prof. Dr. Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen
str.ucture GmbH

The installation is a collaboration between CITA and str.ucture GmbH as part of the Danish Pavilion for the 2018 Venice Biennale. Isoropia (balance, equilibrium, stability) investigates the making of new computational modelling systems that enable the rethinking of material practice in architecture. Exploring a lighter architecture, in which material behaviours are actively employed, Isoropia is a finely tuned balance of tension and compression. Here, bespoke knitted textiles, with varying material properties, embed fiberglass rods and together they find their equilibrium and form. The installation is the result of a tight collaboration with interdisciplinary partners that have realised the structure in a close development process between architects from CITA, engineers from str.ucture, light designers from Alurays and textile experts from AFF – A. Ferreira & Filhos, SA and Dyneema B.V. 

Images © CITA