A Collaborative Model for the Design and Engineering of a Textile Hybrid Structure – Conference Proceeding


Lienhard J., Bergmann C., La Magna R.,
Runberger J.
A Collaborative Model for the Design and
Engineering of a Textile Hybrid Structure.
IASS 2017: Interfaces: architecture .
engineering . science, Hamburg, 2017

In 2016 and 2017 a master class was held at the Hafencity University Hamburg (HCU) which focused on collaborative design and engineering methods using textile hybrid structures as a case study. After an initial design competition where individual student groups explored design and modelling techniques, the winning design was chosen as a case study to build to scale. The challenge was then to set up a parametric work flow which allowed a large number of students, divided into expert groups, to work on one single design model. The expert groups covered the fields of design, form-finding, structural analysis, material testing, detailing, manufacturing and project management. A collaborative workflow template was set up, which equally addressed complex analysis as well as the need for continuous geometric adjustment to achieve a model which interactively functioned on design, structural and material level. The paper will discuss the workflow models, including the principles that allowed the iterative development of the initial and final form finding, detail design and fabrication planning, as well as material testing across different computational design platforms. It will also provide an overview of the development process through a design narrative. In order to critically discuss the key methods supporting communication between architects and engineers within computational design development and secure project specific design processes, a productive learning environment for all members involved was established. The built case study structure will be exhibited in the foyer of the HCU during the IASS conference.

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