Texoversum – Reutlingen, DE


Allmann Sattler Wappner,
Menges Schäffler Architekten,
Jan Knippers Ingenieure

For the extension of the School for Textile Design in Reutlingen, a new building is currently under development. The building features an innovative facade made of mixed glass and carbon fibre elements. The elements are created using the so-called coreless winding fabrication method, an efficient and innovative technique for the production of fibre-based components. The fibre elements create a second skin layer that wrap the building entirely. By differentiating the opening degree of the individual cells, a modulated light filtering is achieved. In this way it is possible to individually tailor the shading of different areas of the building depending on the function as well as solar exposure. For the development of the project, JKI is currently in charge of the structural development and design of the entire fibre facade.

Images © Allmann Sattler Wappner / Jan Knippers Ingenieure